Teamactiv is a unique Leadership in Action process consisting of seven modules, each one with a practical and comprehensive tool called an ActionLog Teamactiv produces immediate improvement in the outputs and engagement levels of leaders and teams at all levels.

Key Components

Instant leader and team engagement, action and results







The Teamactiv modules have been specifically designed for leaders and teams to build and sustain high levels of engagement and commitment. The modules skill and support participants in tackling key issues in their organisations that have a direct
impact on performance. This is achieved through developing collaborative problem solving, process improvement and sound decision making competence
across all levels.

Teamactiv is different from other programs in that the transfer of learning and skills happens immediately while the participants experience the ActionLog process.


Every module automatically results in defined and agreed upon actions that are accompanied by clearly allocated responsibilities, timelines, risk analysis and measures.

The unique structure of the Actionlog process creates a safe space for leaders and teams to communicate and work together to achieve visible
and measurable results.

In organisations where Teamactiv has been implemented it has resulted in increased performance, productivity, quality and in many cases substantial cost savings. Participants describe the experience as highly satisfying and energizing as they see results and feel pride as they track and celebrate progress.


Leaders from all levels say that using the Actionlogs has been empowering and many, in particular those still building their leadership skills, mention that they feel much more confident in working with their employees and teams.

"Many businesses struggle to meet their goals, especially after change, restructuring or when economic conditions are tough. After implementing Teamactiv, they cannot fail to see not just an instant boost in their morale, but also an immediate improvement in their performance.

Professor Zak van Straaten, Director Knowledge Management, Pinoak Consulting

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How does Teamactiv work?

The Teamactiv leadership experience can be implemented without participants needing prior training.

The tools have been designed to deliver immediate application and results, right from the very first session.

Leaders follow the steps and logical and straightforward questions in each tool and straightaway see how trust, communication and leader/team engagement improve with a clear link to improved quality, productivity and performance.


Teamactiv is available in English internationally. It can be delivered together with face to face facilitated support, or it can be purchased as is. It comes with a user handbook consisting of an implementation guide, a leadership facilitator guide and checklist, a full set of Actionlogs as well as measurement charts.