Teamactiv ActionLogs 

What are ActionLogs?

The ActionLog is a unique tool that provides the framework for continuous leader and team engagement and it focuses on critical business matters.  It assists with the identification of actions, risks and measures to address, resolve and improve  business challenges and  brings about immediate visible and measurable outcomes.  It rapidly improves leader and team engagement and performance.


Each ActionLog consists of:

  • a description, instructions for use, a model and session objectives
  • critical focus areas aligned to the model
  • a set of targeted questions for each focus area
  • worksheets
  • identified actions, risks and measures
  • a knowledge bank

How do ActionLogs work?

ActionLogs enable leaders to engage with their teams in a meaningful way. They provide the framework and guidance for a leader to engage with his/her team and to focus on one or more specific business needs, e.g.

  • motivation
  • performance - strategic alignment
  • problem solving
  • process/system/product or service improvement
  • measurement and evaluation

Results are immediate.


ActionLog example

ActionLog example

Leader and Team Engagement

Leader and Team Engagement

Team commitment

Team Commitment

How and when to use ActionLogs

ActionLogs are used by team leaders to facilitate work sessions with their team(s) and to address business issues and challenges. 


The steps are:

  1. Identify the specific business challenge/need(s)
  2. Select the appropriate Teamactiv module
  3. Set up and plan the session
  4. Create/facilitate leader and team engagement
  5. Identify actions, risks and measures
  6. Gain team commitment
  7. Monitor and measure/evaluate result
  8. Reward and celebrate individual and team performance

The process can be repeated as often as required and will become a valuable work method and leadership/team culture. 


What are the Benefits?

Implementing the Teamactiv process and using the ActionLogs will develop Leaders that will:

  • build their own leadership facilitation competence
  • motivate themselves and their teams
  • facilitate engaged team sessions and focus on actions, risks and measures
  • reduce costs and increase efficiencies
  • make better decisions
  • achieve alignment between Teamactiv and other initiatives in their organisation
  • acknowledge, reward and celebrate enhanced individual and team performance
  • grow their own inhouse Teamactiv coaches

Individual and Team Results

Team Results